Wednesday, August 10, 2011

random vehicle musings...

it seems like pretty much anywhere i go, i have to drive to get there, which means other drivers, and other cars... and i also know that there are little things about other drivers and other cars that kind of annoy me.  not to the point of me shooting someone in the head, but i may have possibly "fantasized" about shooting someone in the head over such things (i'm just kidding, don't get your panties in a twist.)  i've noted some of these annoyances below... do they irritate you like they irritate me? or do i just need to chill my balls?

Stick Family People Car Decals Sticker Graphics Item#3ONE:  those "this is my family" stick figure decals.  you know what i'm talking about, there's the dad in a stick figure suit, and the mom in her stick figure june cleaver dress, and the stick figure boy with some sort of sports ball, and the stick figure girl in her cheerleader or ballerina garb, and, of course, little stick figure fluffy and spot are there to represent, too!  and they're always lined up from tallest to shortest like those cingular "raising the bar" ads... i hate those damn things... i don't even know why exactly, they just irritate me.  it could possibly be because they always seem to be on the back windows of minivans... do you really need to dork that vehicle up anymore?  please stop the stick figure insanity.

TWO:  stuffed animals in the back window that are clearly meant for car decoration (not because some kid left them back there) ... they are not cute, put them back in that basket in the play room... please... or give them to your stick figure dog to de-stuff...

THREE:  pt cruisers and those wanna be pt cruisers, the chevy h-something or other... especially when people paint flames on them... or when they're of the convertible persuasion... or worse, both.

FOUR:  short guys in giant trucks... what is this about?  are you late to the monster truck rally??  no.  you are clearly compensating... so you're vertically challenged, just own it.  i really only mention this because on one of our days in seaside, darbey and i were walking up to the grocery store and this GIANT truck pulled into the parking lot (taking up at least two spaces when he parked his monstrosity)  and when the guy jumped out of the truck, the hood of this thing was a good six inches ABOVE his head!  he wasn't a "little person" either, just your average joe who was not blessed with height... now that was a moment i wish i could take pictures with my eyes...  dude, get yourself a pt cruiser.

at this point i feel it necessary to point out that these are not in order of annoyance, but in RANDOM order (makes sense, huh, this being a "random liana" blog and all :)

FIVE:  people who drive in the fast lane in a not fast fashion... if you want to drive the exact speed limit (or slower than the person behind you), then please do so in one of the other 4-5 lanes to your right... this is a fairly universal "rule of the road" on most highways and interstates... let's all get on board :)

SIX:  people who tailgate me... nuff said.

that is all my brain can come up with today, but tomorrow, i'll be back on the road and will find at least one more thing to rant about, and i'll be back here, updating this post... i know that'll keep you checking back!  #carnoyances

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