Saturday, August 20, 2011

random runnings...

so this morning i woke up early and headed on down into the kent valley to our local horse race track... i'm not a gambler... nobody's ever known me to bet on the ponies... what the h??  turns out there was a 5K going on... The Smith Brothers' Farm Inaugural Milkman 5000 Road Race.. now what cows have to do with horses, I have no clue, but there we were... ready to run... hoping to make it all the way to the end where the chocolate milk was waiting (gag.)

how did i do, you may ask?  well, it wasn't great... i have done almost no training all summer, and my only saving grace was that this particular race was an all flat course... except for that last mile... well it was theoretically flat (meaning no uphills or downhills to worry about...)  what it was, though, was the actual racetrack... the one the horse's race on... in that soft, fluffy, dirt/horse poop combo... it was almost worse than running on dry sand... and i'm blaming it on my pbt going UP by 6 minutes... ugh.

here's my view from way out on the racetrack... the finish line was over by the building!!

so, i guess i can't COMPLETELY blame the race track, cuz here's this guy in front of me, on the  paved section of the race... yeah, he beat me... i suck.

there was also a 75-year-old man there who ran the whole thing in about 25 minutes... yeah, he beat me too... i suck.

so a pathetic 42 minutes later, i crossed the finish line... skipped the chocolate milk, and went straight for the bagels and water and was off to find my friends who did MUCH better than i did :)  thanks for waiting for me Joe and Tom!!

joe, liana, and tom... post race :)

now it's time for me to find the next race on my docket...

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