Tuesday, August 9, 2011

random songs...

so, recently i was reminded of a little ditty i made up awhile back... i think it's hilarious, but many people find it offensive... especially people with feet issues :)  imagine these lyrics set to music:

foot sandwich,
where the feet,
are the bread,
and the meat...

another random song comes to mind that's also kinda gross... in fact, more gross than the foot sandwich song... my darling daughter and i collaborated on the lyrics... if you know the song "stop and stare" by one republic, this is set to the chorus:

stop and poo
you think it's coming but it's stuck in you
so you have to take a laxative
then it's coming out your butt
do you smell what i smell

i know, grody, right?  just thought i'd share :)  enjoy your lunch!


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