Monday, August 15, 2011

random mondays...

why are some mondays so... mondayish??  i mean seriously, they really live up to their name... that was today... a day i am now deeming "hot mess monday"

now, i'm pretty sure there is only one way for a "hot mess monday" to start, and that's with waking up... late... check.

next, you need to have at least three unexpected (and time consuming) things happen that you clearly (due to waking up late) don't have time for...

  1. the dog REFUSES to go outside...
  2. your hair REFUSES to look good... no matter how many times you try to fix it...
  3. you are out of gas... 

check... check... and check...

after all of that, when you FINALLY get your butt on the road, just today (hot mess monday) it would seem that everyone who forgot to do their leisurely sunday driving yesterday, is out doing it this morning... in the fast lane... check.  (bonus:   after i was able to pass this douchebag, i got flipped off... so double check.)

now, it's 9:29am and you are supposed to be running a meeting at 9:30am... and you are still on the freeway... check.

and your phone is buried somewhere in your computer bag, making it impossible, or at least death-defying, to retrieve it and call somebody... check.

so, you have finally made it to the conference room... late... and, of course, there's your boss waiting for the afore-mentioned meeting... check.

and, the conference room you're in has some crazy space-aged system where every damn thing is controlled by the amazing crestron (it's actually kinda cool, cuz it controls the lights, the phones, the computers, the projectors, and a bunch of other tech-y stuffs)  BUT, you need to have the password to log on... which you have, except that the password has been changed, and nobody has bothered to communicate that information to you...  check.

and the piece of paper with the name of the people who can actually help in this situation is back at home... check.

so you have to call and wake up your son to see if he can find this random piece of paper amongst all the other junk, magazines, catalogs, unopened mail, and dog collars... and relay the information to you... check.

(meanwhile, you are all still standing in a dark conference room... check.)

and, omg... kill me now.

happy hot mess monday, everyone.


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