Monday, December 31, 2012

random thoughts about 2012... and 2013...

truth be told, 2012 did not start off great... the passing of my father on jan 5, 2012 was simultaneously difficult and, in a way, a blessing... meaning, he had been suffering, and in his opinion, not really living, given all the pain and restrictions of being riddled with cancer... so, while sad, it was hard to not be glad that he wasn't suffering anymore...

still... with the first anniversary of his death bearing down upon me, i can't help but be sad sometimes... i have tried to be extra-positive this holiday season and really enjoy it, and really be there for my kids, who last year, spent a lot of time alone while i was taking care of my dad... and i can honestly say that i have truly enjoyed THIS holiday season... 2012  has had its ups and downs, for sure... but i'm ready to bring on the new year!

so, for 2013, i have compiled a list of goals? tasks??  i don't know what to call them... from experience, i know that calling them "resolutions" has no effect on me whatsoever... here's the list...

eat healthier
exercise more
get my new blog going (details coming soon!)
get my budget in order
plan for some BIG changes coming in 2013
watch my kids become adults, graduate high school, and start college and their grown-up lives
smile more
stop hating pictures of myself
tone down the sarcasm (who am i kidding... :)
say no when i need to
make new friends (something i've started to do in 2012 and am loving!)
meet johnny depp (what?)
get over this shy, wallflower thing i've been doing my whole life

2013 is going to be a busy, and amazing year!  i mean, it's got a '13' in it, so how can it NOT be a great year??