Friday, May 4, 2012

random hipster...

i'm not sure if you're as confused as i am, but i cannot figure out what it is that makes a hipster a hipster...

is it just that everything mainstream is just TOO mainstream?

is it the scarf... even in the heat of summer?

is it the overly large-framed glasses... that are likely not even prescriptionally required?  (yep... i just made up a new word... because all the regular words are too mainstream...)

on my everlasting journey to educate myself in all things completely stupid, i wasted a ridiculous amount of time researching what it means to be a hipster... and the best answer i found was neatly enclosed in a little-known sitcom "Happy Endings", i am now armed with the rules (pretty much verbatim from the episode "Dave of the Dead"... yeah, it was about zombies... and hipsters... which are almost the same thing, right?)

rule #1 - never try.  never put effort into anything.

rule #2 - only like things ironically... books, movies, tv shows, the environment... you should totally only like things because it would otherwise be totally uncool to like it... cool.

rule #3 - never show too much enthusiasm.  earth, wind & fire are playing, but you don't care, you don't wanna chair dance... whatevs.

final rule - everything is dumb... fro yo, over it.  other stuff, over it...

that's it... now you too can put the 'hip' in hipster... not that you care... you're so over it.

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