Tuesday, May 15, 2012

random what's trending tuesday... #nationalchocolatechipday edition...

welcome to today's edition of "what's trending tuesday - national chocolate chip day edition"

no way... national chocolate chip day??  seriously.  i haven't done any official-like checking, but it seems like every single day of the year there is something to celebrate... you know national-whatsit-whosit day?

i can get behind a holiday like this, but i think it should also come complete with a day off work... so people have time to properly celebrate the chocolate chip... there are cookies to be baked for heaven's sake!  and we all know it takes time to eat them right out of the bag... or dip them in peanut butter (yeah, try that... it's pretty awesome.)

and to think, if it weren't for "trends" i would've never known i needed to party like a chip star today...

it's clear that my life has thus far been missing that little something... and that little something is the chocolate chip, so i raise a tollhouse cookie to ya!

happy national chocolate chip day :)

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