Tuesday, May 22, 2012

random what's trending tuesday... #jimmycliff edition

welcome to today's edition of "what's trending tuesday - jimmy cliff edition"

what?  super surprised to see jimmy cliff trending today... dudes been jammin' the reggae tunes since the 70s... so why's he trending today?

the best i could figure out is because he was performing a new song (he has a new song?) on some bbc show, later... with jools holland... nope, never heard of it, but whatevs... don't care... just happy :)  cuz i love me some jimmy cliff!

his cover of johnny nash's "i can see clearly now" is probably my most favorite reggae song of all time... if you've been locked in a box all of your life and have no idea what song that is, go watch cool runnings, right now.  go watch it... and then get yourself the soundtrack, because on a grey and rainy spring day in seattle (exactly like today,) it will make you feel sunshiney all over (if i had a sunshine emoticon, this is where i'd put it.)

jimmy actually has a few songs that are pretty mainstream besides "i can see clearly now", like his cover of cat steven's "wild world" and "you can get it if you really want" from the soundtrack to his movie the harder they come...

but if you set yourself up with his 2-disc, 42-song anthology, you will be in reggae heaven...

my fondest memory of jimmy cliff music was from reggae night thursdays at the cavern in pullman a million years ago when i was a college student... i don't think the cavern even exists over there anymore... let along reggae night... well, it does, just in the form of a bar and grill called valhalla, but heading down the skinny stairway into the dungeon-like atmosphere to dance to reggae was a treat on thursday nights back in the day...

keep on jammin', jimmy :)

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