Thursday, October 6, 2011

random exercism... days 11-30

this is not me... just someone pretending to be me...
so, i got kinda lazy in the blogging department, but NOT lazy in the exercise department :)  that's why you're getting the 411 for the last 20+ days all in one blog post... if you haven't seen days 1-10, you can read it here:

DAYS 11-20
ok, so remember from my 1st "random exercism" post, by 10 days, i really mean 10 workouts, which are 6 days on and 1 day off...

i've completely given up on the dance cardio video... it's stupid... the music is stupid... and i may as well just jump around randomly waving my arms about for the same effect... soooo... i've had to get REALLY disciplined about hitting the gym for the elliptical, and i'm proud to say, i've been rocking it for at least 45 minutes to an hour, six days a week... yay cardio!

then for the muscle toning dvd workout... the days 11-20 workout was about three times as hard as days 1-10... holy butt pain, batman!  but i muscled through and did all 10 days... needless to say i was ready for the switch to the days 21-30 workout, even though odds were it was gonna be much harder...

here's my day 20 numbers:
weight - 143
total measurements (in inches) - 138

so i've lost 2 pounds since day 10, and 6 pounds overall, and my measurements have gone down an inch since the initial measure... so far so good...

DAYS 21-30
ok, so for cardio, i've bumped up my elliptical to at least an hour, six days a week, and upped the resistance as well :)

the days 21-30 muscle toning dvd workout has been my favorite of the three i've done so far... it's hard, but i was able to get through all of the exercises from the first day... hopefully because i'm stronger from the first 20 days, and not because it's just easier... i wonder what days 31-40 have in store for me?

here's my day 30 numbers:
weight - 141
total measurements (in inches) - 137

so i've lost 2 more pounds since day 20 (8 pounds overall!)  My measurements have gone down two inches since the initial measure... so far so good!

Next update will be after the next 30 days (somewhere around Day 60)


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