Sunday, September 11, 2011

random exercism... days 1-10

ok, so i'm probably not alone in this, but i get really bored with the same old workouts...  i'm always trying new stuff... i've done the traditional cardio/weights routine, aerobics classes, yoga, hot yoga, pilates, walking, running, dance classes, zumba, and several of those workout regimes you see on infomercials - p90x, 10-minute trainer, yoga booty ballet, slim in 6, winsor pilates, tae-bo, richard simmons workouts, jane fonda workouts, and many, many more over the years... my current commitment is tracy anderson's metamorphosis, a 90-day program that includes 30 minutes of tracy's dance cardio and 30ish minutes of muscle toning... the muscle toning workouts switch up every 10 days... i've made it through the initial 10 days and thought i'd blog about it, in part because it creates a sort of accountability for me... thanks for your help...  it starts out by having you take your weight and measurements of course, and then taking them again every 10 days to see your progress...

tracy anderson... seriously killer body... will i look like this at the end of 90 days??

here's my initial numbers prior to starting day 1:
weight - 149 (how brave am i posting this??)
total measurements (in inches) - 139 (i'm not going into detail here of the specific separate measurements of chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms... nope, not gonna do it :)

DAYS 1-10
ok, so by 10 days, i really mean 10 workouts, which are 6 days on and 1 day off... and MY days 1-10 also included some days as a parent volunteer at camp and some other days where i did massive amounts of housework and yardwork, which are both things i count as workouts, but did not include in them in my "official" metamorphosis day counts... so basically, if i missed a day or two, i picked up where i left off so i actually did the metamorphosis muscle toning routine 10 times...

i've only done the dance cardio video about 3 times... i've decided to make it my "backup' cardio because (a) it's a lot of jumping around and my old knees and hips hate it! and (b) the music that comes with it does NOT inspire me...  instead, i drag my butt to the gym and get my cardio in on any of the various pieces of equipment there... elliptical, treadmill, etc... my fav is the elliptical... on super high resistance and incline... this i do for around 45 minutes... then home to do the muscle toning dvd...

holy muscle pain, this day 1-10 workout is all kinds of crazy hard, most especially the butt and legs portion... i'm thinking if i keep this up, i should have the best ass on the western seaboard in 90 days!  but i'm terrified about the next 8 workouts because if this inital one is so hard, they're probably not gonna get any easier right??  yikes.

here's my day 10 numbers:
weight - 145
total measurements (in inches) - 140.5

huh?  so i lost 4 pounds, but my measurements went up by an inch and a half?  hmmm...  well, time to see what the next 10 workouts will bring...


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  1. Awesome Liana ~ Stick with it! Stay committed to your goal and your time dedicated to YOU!

    Don't worry about the added inch (as long as it's in the right places!). Weight is probably your real stat. I've really worked my abs in the last year and I've gone UP a size in my trousers! (muscle?)

    Stick to your blog, too....good idea.

    Good luck, Scott