Tuesday, September 13, 2011

random brews...

recently, i attended the tacoma craft beer festival with a couple of my girlfriends... it was a crazy, fun time, to be sure!  but besides all the other obvious beer festphernalia (the little taster glasses, pretzel necklaces, and your basic jolly beer-appreciating drunkard) we noticed several clever beer-related t-shirts... this prompted the usually shy me to walk up to complete strangers and ask if i could take a picture of their shirt... i was super proud of myself :)  so here ya go... it's like walkin' around a beer fest in blog form...

"I used to think drinking was bad for me... so I gave up thinking."   and   "BEER   It's what's for dinner"

"I'm working on my SIX PACK"

"The Beeriodic Table"

"This beer is making me awesome!"

"Beauty lies in the hand of the beerholder"   and   "Do you believe in love at first sight... or do I have to buy you another beer?"   and   "got beer?"

"Beer Knurd"

"In dog beers, I've only had one"

"My life is a very complicated drinking game."

"Good Beer"

"DRUNK - Warning:  Explicit lyrics, slurred speech, and highly sexually aggressive."

on the hat it says "GIRL BEER"

"Now it's time for my real job - getting loaded!  (Modern Drunkard Magazine)"

"I need a BEER"

and my favorite... yet, not beer related...

wait for it.....

thanks to mary beth and denise for giving this guy a hand with his shirt :)

next up:  Fremont Oktoberfest!


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  1. I love the EIICY POCR shirt. I'm guessing this blog isn't active any more???