Tuesday, February 12, 2013

random grammys... 2013 edition...

so i watched (most) of the grammys last night... cuz i'm lazy and like to fast forward through the stuff i don't like... but here's my recap anyhow... coming at you in some random order in which my brain operates...
photo credit salon.com

but what do the freakshow outfits have to do with never getting back together, t-swizzle?

photo credit guardian.co.uk

can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is adam levine?  and also alicia keys??
photo credit news.softpedia.com

and JT... that old school vibe on suit and tie was bitchin'!  and that other new song?  i want you it now.
photo credit nydailynews.com

johnny depp... wtf, man??  the long scraggly hair, the oompa loompa tan, NOT digging it... i like a clean cut JD... def switching my affections to adam levine... and/or justin timberlake... for now...
photo credit justjared.com

and now welcome to the stage, katy perry's boobs! (not a dig... those sweater puppies looked amazing!)
photo credit justjared.com

adele... i love you, i do... but that dress.is.just.so.bad.
photo credit cnn.com

the dream... you know when people on comedy shows mock rappers?  you're why.
photo credit theversed.com

oh, and one last thing, can someone please get ll cool j some chapstick??

note:  i own zero of the photos posted here, because obviously i was nowhere near the grammys.  i borrowed every single one from searching for "grammys 2013" on google images... and credited each photo where i found it... if i borrowed your photo and didn't credit it properly, please let me know... this blog doesn't solicit or make any profit... it is just for fun... so i'm not making any money off anybody's pics... or even my own pics, for that matter :)

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