Friday, February 1, 2013

random 90s tv dramas... party of five edition...

k... one sec... i just finished watching the series finale and i'm a bit verklempt...  and with no tissues handy... guess that's what sweatshirt sleeves are for...

oh, don't go getting all judgey on me (or do... it's not like i care anyhow :)  i loved this show when it was on in the 90s and i have recently rediscovered it (thanks xfinity streampix) and have managed to waste somewhere in the neighborhood of 104 hours reliving all six seasons... clearly, i need a life.

this show is mostly filled with angst and drama and more angst and i think pretty much started the careers of:

matthew fox (you probs know him from lost)
scott wolf (you might know him from a couple of short-lived series, the nine and v, and a few-season role on everwood)
neve campbell (the scream movies... and wild things)
lacey chabert ("and none for gretchen wieners"  and a TON of voice roles like eliza thornberry and meg griffin in some of the more recent episodes [sorry to burst any of your mila kunis bubbles with that one])
jennifer love hewitt (her rack... and other stuff...)

and then, like any good nighttime drama, there were many a guest star... who may or may not have been stars then... but these ones had/have some presence after party of five:

jeremy london
james marsden (he played the part in the first season that jeremy london played in seasons 2 through 6)
ben savage
adam from parenthood
carrol o'connor
that other guy from white collar who's not matt bomer
willie garson (also from white collar - mozzie)
moon zappa
the kid from sleepless in seattle
daniel dae kim (foresight to lost maybe?)
john slattery (desperate housewives, mad men)
maggie lawson (that detective chick from psych)
the mom  from home improvement
kevin from american pie
and the shortest possible role (although it had a few lines) in the series finale, cam from modern family (that one caught me off guard the most!)

these are the ones i can remember off the top of my head... i'd either have to research every episode online or spend another 104 hours to get you an exhaustive list... and i'm just not gonna do that... i'm gonna go curl up on the couch and watch movies all night... cuz i'm productive like that.

oh, and this show probably made the bodeans kinda famous... everybody wants to be closer to free...


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