Wednesday, August 22, 2012

random random knowledge...

question:  what is one of my most favorite things to do?

answer:  trivia night!

that's right... going with my friends to wherever we go and competing against other people in our knowledge of randomness... and probably uselessness...  except that knowing it can help us win... and we like to win... sometimes there are even prizes... like cash... or gift cards... or dashboard hula dancers... or not-actually-sarcastic sarcastic 8-balls... we have won all of these things... some of them more than once...

question:  what is simultaneously one of the most fun and yet most nerve wracking parts of the evening?

answer:  coming up with a team name.

inevitably, someone will be announcing said team name over some sort of sound system... hopefully right after the words "and the winner is..." so you want it to be clever... and relevant... and for sure not stupid... we've honed our team-naming skills over the years and we rarely use the same team name twice... lately we've taken to building a team name around something newsworthy... like the olympics... or the death of phyllis diller (that was a brilliant one, bee-tee-dubs, we even got a mention on the trivia blog... yay us!)

question:  what is my least favorite thing about trivia night?

answer:  being the one who has to compete in the dance-off.

i suck at the dance-off... if you and i are ever in a dance-off, i promise you will win... i will gladly secede to anybody else in the dance off... i don't have moves... or groovy shades... or the guts to produce any of these things in a bar full of people... so, yeah, you with the running man and the sprinkler you've been practicing in your living room?  you win.

question:  when is our next trivia night???

answer:  ?

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