Sunday, July 17, 2011

random hallows...

(warning:  there is colorful language herein)

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [+video] [+Digital Booklet]
harry potter and the deathly hallows part two

seriously, i am still recovering from the midnight premier of HPDH2... three nights ago... which was AWESOME!  and which also has delivered to my family a new and exciting way to express our thoughts to each other.  thanks so much to the douche bag who screamed at darbey "you shut the fuck up, ALRIGHT?!?"  for providing us with this additional fodder... we will continue to mock and make fun of you for many years to come... had he not been SO ridiculous, and had the movie not been starting right at that moment, I would have probably responded in some way to this idiot, but in the spirit of not ruining something that we'd been waiting for for 10+ years, I held back my laughter and outward commentary and response, although a few tears did roll down my cheek...  i continue to wonder why he felt it necessary to add the "ALRIGHT?!?" to the end of his statement, i mean he started off sounding so commanding (as well as asshole-ic), but once he added the "ALRIGHT?!?", it was like he was asking permission... that's when i wanted to laugh... of course when the movie ended, i loudly exclaimed to darbey myself "you shut the fuck up, ALRIGHT?!?" (calm down, it was a joke people, and was MEANT to be heard by the aforementioned douche bag.)  we still find this hilarious... and if you don't, you can go suck a toe, ALRIGHT?!?  :p  #harrypotter

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  1. bwhahhahaha! douche gotta love 'em. i love the ones where i'm sitting with my kids on a soccer field (for like the 300th time) and they decide to say "get your kids off the field"...UH they're not ont he field. "get 'em off!" FOR REAL, paul blart?!!? yeah, he can suck a toe too. :)

    you gotta laugh. :)